Writing a good essay requires much knowledge. But before speculating about the topic, one should know its general structure. It usually consists of 5 paragraphs. This form of writing lets the students be flexible at writing. When you write any kind of the essay, this structure will guide you through the topic.

If you don’t have enough experience in writing essays, this plan will be helpful. It works out the discipline of writing a good essay with preferable content. This type of structure lets you understand whether you have chosen the right topic or not. If you can cover all the points with enough words, it means that the topic suits you perfectly.

The main rules of writing

The pattern of writing is divided into 5 sections. It means that each section is devoted to a new paragraph. Nevertheless, the names of the sections can be different, but it doesn’t alter the fact that they have a common idea. The main pattern looks like:

Essay structure
  1. Introduction – it is the first part of writing. In this part, you should give a short description of the topic. Then you should state thought-provoking ideas to arise the reader’s interest. But they must be scientific. And you must also formulate the main idea of writing.
  2. The first body – here the writer usually includes separate subtopics to each body paragraph. It means that in every part of it the writer should represent new information about the topic of writing. The most interesting subtopic should be stated there, as it is very important for readers.
  3. The second body – in this part you represent new subtopics, and follow the same instructions as in the previous part. Don’t forget to give proofs to support your idea.
  4. The third body – in the last body paragraph you represent the final problem and focuses on it.
  5. Conclusion – in the last part of writing you should sum up all the ideas given in the main part. It means that the reader should get the exact idea about what is written in the text. Moreover, the general idea must be easy to catch.

This type of writing is rather a handful and lets the reader easily get information because of the well-structured composition.

General advice of writing

When the topic is chosen it is high time to start writing the essay. As for the limited structure, it will help you greatly. According to this, you won’t lose a sense of direction. You will have a clear structure of what goes one by one. When you start writing, you should make up a title that can attract people’s attention. It means that the first line must arise great interest and speculations about the topic. The opening must be actual, brief and give all the information about the following content.

Each body paragraph usually has about 5 lines. In these lines, the writer must include the main claim, then give proofs, and make a final conclusion. Don’t stick to subtopics, pour it with actual information about the main idea.

When the body parts are ready, it is necessary to think about the ending of the essay. The last part should produce the greatest effect on readers. They must keep in mind the information from your essay. The best way to do it is to address them with suggestions.

What to write in each part?

As you know there are five main parts. So, the question arises, what exactly to write in every part. In the introductory part give the main idea about the topic, then expectations and your thesis.

In the main part give the exact claim and fill it with proofs. Don’t forget about the effective conclusion. In the last part speak about the thesis, if it is right or not. Make up a conclusion statement and address the readers.

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